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What is Cloud Computing? Types of Cloud Computing.

Cloud is availability of computing resources like Data Storage and Computing Power on demand. This is not any physical system, instead its network on large number of servers called Data Centers which make available data storage and computing power to many users on internet.

Types of Cloud Deployment Models:

1. Public Cloud:

This are cloud made available by third party vendor to users. Building of this cloud along with Maintenance and Security is taken by third party vendors. Users just can focus on using the data storage and computing use.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) , Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are some of the well known Public Cloud example's.

Cloud Deployment

Private Cloud

2. Private Cloud:

This are cloud built and maintained by entity who is going to use the cloud. Generally big organizations with large data computing requirement and which has sensitive data have their own private cloud.

3. Hybrid Cloud:

This is mix of Public and Private. In this arrangement,User has both private and public cloud connected by technology. This gives advantage of flexibility of capacity of cloud on one hand and security of sensitive data on other.

Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Services Types:

There different cloud service models available for businesses, out of this we will discuss here 3 major types:

1. SaaS: Software as a Service

This is model in which Software Application by the owner is deployed on cloud and users are given login password to access the Software as and when required by user. This makes software application user across world. Else, user had to download the complete application on his own machine and then use the application.

Advantage to Application owner it is made available to thousands of interested users online with requirement of only internet connection. Here the owner does not have to purchase and maintain large hardware systems.

Advantage to user is, he can subscribe to application as and when required and use it with-out installing this application on its own computer.

2. PaaS: Platform as a Service

In this arrangement, software developers are given complete infrastructure to develop software's which requires Data storage facility, development environment, testing environment and deployment testing environment.

This gives big advantage to development community which will have flexible capacity of software development environment with all the facilities.

3. IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service

In this arrangement, back-end IT infrastructure required for using running software or an application. This may include virtual machines, servers, storage and operating systems. User can pay-as-use this infrastructure for running of Software/Application.

Business can use any or all of this service types as suitable for his business requirement.

Major Cloud Service Providers

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

AWS is well known cloud platform from Amazon. AWS provides combination of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. AWS can provide business computing power, database storage and software development infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is cloud platform made available by Microsoft. This platform makes available all the Microsoft resources for all the service types.

GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

Google has provided this platform for business for all types of services. This includes Google platforms for software development, IT infrastructure, software usage.

Major Cloud Service

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